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Torsemide Furosemide

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Torsemide Furosemide

Related post: narcotic substances: a long list too well known to require enu- meration. As resorted to for headachs and rheumatism of the face, the use of camphor, opium, alcohol, ether, essential oils, and so forth, are peculiarly familiar; and similar practices are scarcely less so in sciatica In the slenderer cases or attacks, this kind of practice does occasionally give temporary relief, but without doing more; but it is fruitless to expect advantages from it in decided cases, or severe affections of this nature, be they what they may; while, to hope for a permanent cure in this manner, Torsemide Tablets otherwise than casually, and through the influence of the imagination, is little less than childish. Nevertheless, as no inconvenience can arise from these remedies, beyond the troub ! e and expense, and as they serve for occupation both to physician and patient, they may be permitted to take their turn as usual, provided they do not supersede what is more essential. As I formerly observed, however, I cannot speak in the Purchase Torsemide Online same accommodating language respecting blisters, though distinctions are here necessary. 1 have never yet seen a case where, if the blister was applied Torsemide Vs Furosemide near to the disordered nerve, the pain was not aggravated: at least this happens remarkably with regard to the general pain which appears to have its seat in the ultimate ramifications, and, consequently, to be in the skin. Such also, I have since found, was Torsemide Furosemide Conversion the experience of Heberden: though whatever may be the merit of his essay, it is plain, as I for- merly remarked, that he had formed no theory of the disease, and that his practice, even when he succeeded in curing it by bark, was purely tentative and empirical. And very often, where that particular pain was not present before, it is induced by those applications; while, in the other cases, the extent, as CURE OP Torsemide Injection NEURALGIA. 419 well as the severity, is often increased in Torsemide 20mg an Torsemide 100 Mg extraordinary man- ner, particularly should the application be extensive or persisted in. What is called a perpetual blister, is almost always a posi- tive aggravation, not only of the local disease itself, but of the general irritability and disorder of the system, which are often sufficiently severe in Torsemide Mg themselves. But I can understand how blistering, particularly if severe, applied to a somewhat distant part, may sometimes relieve Order Torsemide the Neuralgia, on the principles al- ready laid down of exciting a counter impression, or a new dis- ease: an effect indeed that may even follow where this remedy has been applied on the part itself. Such is the explanation of Pearson's Purchase Torsemide case, where a severe disease of this nature was cured, yet, not till after much time and very violent treatment, by the use of rubefacient, or rather excoriating applications; while I may remark on this case, as I have done respecting Heberden, that the practice was similarly tentative, and that no theory of the disease had been formed. Such seems the method of ana- lyzing and estimating the use and action of this class of appli- cations; and it will remain for physicians to judge how far they will continue to make use of it in particular cases, as an Torsemide Furosemide aid how- ever, rather than as a means Generic Torsemide of cure. What I have said on this subject is equally applicable to issues and setons, with such modification as the obvious differences may here render necessary. It will be easy to see where the local disease thus artificially produced, will increase the local evil: while it will be not less so to judge of the bad effects of setons, particularly if active, on that principle already laid down, which condemns, in all these disorders, the adoption of eva- cuating and debilitating proceedings. On this and the last sub- ject, I might have made the application particularly Torsemide 20 Mg to sciatica; but having less experience in this particular modification than I think necessary Torsemide 10 Mg to allow me to speak respecting its peculiarities, I shall only request of physicians that they will review their own experience and practice in it; taking care that they do not mislead themselves respecting the imaginary effects of their re- medies; so common a source of error in all the Neuralgias. The great points to be kept in view respecting all these local appli- cations, are these; Torsemide 50 Mg that the disease is a general or constitutional one Buy Cheap Torsemide fundamentally, not purely a local one, and that the local af- fection is not one of the circulating system, to be eradicated, as certain inflammations are, by a counteraction, or by exciting a diverting action in the neighbouring vessels. To act here on this principle, is to pursue that mechanical and unreflecting sys- tem of practice which I have so often condemned. Hopes have been entertained respecting the utility of elec- tricity and galvanism; not unnaturally, however empirical the views. It might indeed, even on a more correct theory of the 420 CURE Of NEURALGIA. disorder, be almost expected that the electric shock at least, act- ing so distinctly on a nerve, and capable Order Torsemide Online of being Torsemide 40 Mg directed very near to a diseased one, if not exactly through it, might have the power of really changing its disordered action; but while my own attempts, pursued on a very great scale for very many yeara in Buy Torsemide a military Buy Torsemide Online hospital, and for the direct purpose of ascertaining the value of this remedy, have had no success whatever, I can- not find that others have been more fortunate; though I can easi- ly imagine that such a disease might thus be cured through the influence of the imagination. As to the Galvanic electricity, the impression is comparatively too trifling to permit us to be- lieve that it can be of any value; and the same remark applies to the gentler electrical operations. The only local remedy from which I have really seen such advantageous effects as to induce me to recommend it, is the ap- plication of steam directed by the usual means of a pipe, to the
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